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1 Minute Insight: How the Internet of Things Discussion is Changing on Social

1 Minute Insight: How the Internet of Things Discussion is Changing on Social

Over the last year, the internet of things (or IoT) has been one of the hottest topics of discussion, not just among tech specialists, but also for financial analysts and business leaders who sense an immense opportunity.

Our new report shows that discussions on social channels have also been significant with close to 10 million mentions of IoT across online and social in 2015.

The biggest area of interest has been about the potential makeup of IoT ecosystems and the many API’s that would comprise it, closely followed by security concerns about this potentially vast, interconnected network of different apps, devices and systems.

IoT ecosystem API

The chart above shows the full breakdown of share of voice of IoT mentions by category over the course of 2015. The two pie charts below indicate that security may be taking over the IoT ecosystem as the key area of interest in 2016.

IoT SoV comp

As innovation in the IoT sector continues, conversations on the subject will no doubt continue to evolve. Using insights from social data, companies can predict the way in which discussions will move and use this information to inform business strategy.

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